Trip Advisor Love

A huge thank you to everyone posting lovely comments on our Trip Advisor page. We’ve found that a lot of … More

Pina Colada cake

We’re still pretending June is only 3 weeks away here at Timberhill Bakery. It’s not quite grass skirts and suncream … More

Coffee Props

Lovely mention in the EDP recently with an article on the best 7 places for coffee in Norwich

Kiwi and Lime 2.0

Can bakers learn anything from software engineers? We love the approach of continual improvement personified by software engineers. Everything can … More

April Menu

A few tweaks to the menu his month starting with the Smashed Pea, Feta and Mint Tartine. It was a … More


You can tell a lot about a place by the charity box they choose to put near the till. Ours … More

March Menu

It’s typically a bit quieter at this time of the year but there’s still plenty to keep us busy. We’ve … More