A few tweaks to the menu his month starting with the Smashed Pea, Feta and Mint Tartine. It was a big seller for us last spring so we made it again to remind ourselves what it’s like, and to see if we could improve on it. We were stumped. It’s delicious.

The only thing wrong with it is you have to be able to eat cheese to enjoy it. So Natalie started searching and found a lovely vegan feta “cheese” which has that cracking tangy-ness that makes vegans jealous of cheese-eaters.

So the Smashed Pea tartine now comes with organic feta as standard or vegan feta if you ask us when ordering. This also means that the lovely Feta & Avocado toastie can now be vegan-ized at no extra cost. Sweet.

Toasties get a new addition this month with our Carrot Hummus & Pesto newbie. Roasted smashed Carrot smooths it out, celery brings some crunch and cherry tomatoes a sweet pop. The ingredients sound kind of ordinary but the result is anything but. Roasted carrots are a dark horse.

Decaff is growing slightly every month as some of you find a need to ditch the caffeine once or twice a week. We’re now up to ordering 2 kilos most weeks, up from 1 kilo a year ago. Interesting.

Sounds like a good time to add Chai Lattes to the Hot Drinks menu which we’re now offering with Soya or Oat milk just like our regular coffee.

On the cakes front, Apple & Ginger makes a welcome return to replace the Spicy Gingerbread. We introduced the vegan gingerbread back in December ready for Christmas and it just kept on selling afterwards. It’s still selling really well, but we like to keep things interesting, so it’s having a little holiday to make way for the equally gingery, but a bit more summery, Apple & Ginger cake made with tangy fresh apple, fresh ginger and crystallised ginger.