If sometimes you don’t want to cook but you’re also trying to stay off the ready meals and takeaways, you may find yourself reverting to “the platter”.

This usually means a quickly pulled together plate with whatever’s in the fridge. Houmous, organic raw carrots (oh yes), cherry tomatoes, rocket, olives and bread usually feature.

Which brings me onto our new Walnut Spelt Sourdough loaf. This is probably the best loaf we’ve ever made for a knockout platter. Toasted organic walnuts, organic stoneground spelt flour and a splash of organic olive oil. Huge flavour, massive goodness.

If you love cheese, thinly slice this lovely loaf for an amazing alternative to crackers. And, (in the unlikely event you’ve some slices left the next day), it transforms scrambled eggs on toast into a mini-feast.